A Peculiar Affair
Treasure Box - track 4
lyrics: Tracey Roberts
music: Tracey Roberts and Wim Oudijk © 98

I'm having a peculiar affair
Purple eyes are burning into me
That night was rich and starry, beautiful
I was vulnerable, so was he

I'm having a peculiar affair
Small and tender hands are touching me
She said "I want to know what friendship means
and these wonderous dreams I see"

Oh in another place or time
This fire would not burn your wings
But things here are different now
And that is how it must be

I'm having a peculiar affair
A soaring baritone is haunting me
How can a voice be so adorable, intoxicatingly

Come on and fly away with me
And how I wished that I could go
But I said "No, maybe next time"
And of course, next time never showed

I'm having a peculiar affair
A rather weird and strange affair
Not with friends or with lovers
but with myself...

And as the moment cast it's spell
My memories shyly asked to stay
But I said "Go away"
And in the morning I heard a small door quietly close

I'm having a peculiar affair...



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