Tracey Roberts - Simple Things

Matinee Idols
Simple Things - track 10
lyrics: Frieda Gerhart
music: Wim Oudijk and Tracey Roberts © 1990

Do you trip the light fanatastic like Rogers and Astaire
Or are your characteristics like a Bette Davis stare
And in some darkened alley did Cagney save your life
Or did a man named Gable take you for his wife?

Did Williams and Hawtrey make you laugh
Is Mickey Rooney smiling on your photograph
And in some grand adventure did Bogie take your hand
Or did you lose your way when you went to Disneyland?

Celluloid heroes live in your dreams
You watch them every night on the silver screen
Will you be a Bogart, will you be a Kerr
Living your life like a movie star

Did you fall in love with Tracy and Hepburn
Or does your passion flare like Taylor and Burton
And did you shed a tear when Monroe died
Or are you still believing all the sordid lies?

Celluloid heroes live in your dreams...

Gibson, Garbo, Brown and Lee
Who will you choose to be
Midler Niven Maclean or Day
Who will you pick today
Fonda Douglas Kelly Jones
Who will you choose to clone
Cooper Peck Moore Bacall
Don't you know I love them all...

Celluloid heroes live in your dreams...


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