In the burbs
Treasure Box - track 8
lyrics: Tracey Roberts
music: Tracey Roberts and Wim Oudijk © 98

You drive a little red car
It goes to work everyday
And out of town on weekends

You do your shopping at lunch
It helps to break up the day
You like to follow the trends

Watchin' your figure, watching your weight
You really love it when they say you look great
You grab your runners, tip on your toes
Gotta stay fit girl
That's how it goes in the burbs

Weeties are ready to go
You rush the kids off to school
And get to tennis by nine

There's Harry's washing to do
A list as long as your arm
And honey, who's got the time?

You like your telly and watch it till ten
Doctor Turbinsky is at it again
Tickle your fancy, nobody knows
You're just too exhausted
That's how it goes in the burbs

The sun is shining through the window today
You call your grand daughter, would she like to stay?

Watching the children throw sticks in the park
Turn all the lights on, you're afraid of the dark
Bridge at the bowls club, powder your nose
Gotta keep busy
That's how it goes in the burbs



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