Tracey Roberts

Night in Amsterdam
LIVE at DIZZY's - track 5
music and lyrics: Tracey Roberts © 2005

I spent a night in Amsterdam
Colouring shades of red and purple in the outline that I am
Stumbling slowly down the street
Staring at faces of the strangers and stilettos on their feet
Costume eyes - the blank look of disdain
Takes a lot of courage to look that bored
Living lies - experts in the game
Dignity so cleverly ignored

After an hour on my own
Craving company, a mangy dog, give the bitch a bone
Tryin' to remember what I'd drunk
Or smoked or ate, it doesn't matter, I'm getting' dirty on the junk
Lamplit door - cramped but tidy space
Captain Curiosity grabbed the reins
Shagpile floor - skin upon my face
Fire raging liquid in my veins

Cautiously opening one eye
Straining to hear the faintest laughter coming from the lane outside
Headache and seedy in the guts
Flashes of orange lights of Amsterdam and her nocturnal sluts
Silent smile - smoke-filled hair
Dozin' a bit, it's just another day
In a while - I won't care
I can throw my colouring book away

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