The Stupid O'Clock Blues
LIVE at the LARK- track 10
music and lyrics: Tracey Roberts © 2017


Well it’s stupid o’clock in the mornin’ - the alarm’s in for a fight
Who gets up for a day job in middle of the night?
It’s only OK to do this when you're catchin’ a plane
But I gotta make a livin’ and catch the train again
It’s cosy and warm and I still got that dream in my head
It’s cold and dark an’ rainin’ outside - I wanna go back to bed

I’m starin’ down a computer  -  the boss is on my case
Wanna blast him with a missile  - Wipe the smile off his face
But he’s got the red Ferrari with a spoiler on the rear
He’s dumber than a dipstick but I kinda like the gear
And even though I know he ain’t  the sharpest  tool in the shed
I bet he would build me a rocket if I took him home to bed…

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 3 2 1 – BLAST OFF  !!!

My girlfriend drags me to a nightclub - a swanky place in town
Says she can find me a fella but there ain’t no good ones left around
So I’m seducin’ Mr Bacardi till Mr Cocktail comes along
And then I’ll take him home and drink him all night long … Oh yeah    


Well the 5:47 diesel - is barrelling through my ear
The bedroom walls are spinnin’ - wish I could disappear
There’s movement at the station - the doona smells like rum
An’ I just heard a Klaxon comin’ from someone else’s bum
Maybe I’ll chuck a sickie - maybe I’ll just chuck
Maybe I’ll take a ride in the Big Red Truck
But I gotta turn around to see who I brought back to my place
I nearly hit the ROOF !!!  - ’cause I’m lookin’ at the Boss’s face!!!

– get me outa here!

But I ain’t goin’ nowhere  -  ooh my head
I’ll probably try to get up and drive the porcelain bus instead
But it’s stupid o’clock in the mornin’     !!!   I’m goin’ back to bed!



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