The Affair
LIVE at the LARK- track 6
music and lyrics: Tracey Roberts © 2011


I know what’s going on
I know why you haven’t been at home
You hang your head over your coffee and I can’t see your face
It’s just as well, ‘cause right now  I can’t look at you

I know what’s going down
I know the other woman’s back in town
And when she lets you in, of course you’re going to stay
These things always lead to pain
What is it about the power of lust?

Do we secretly admire the courage in acting out the fantasy?
But when it’s wrong, should we retaliate in disgust
Or just ignore the thoughtlessness infidelity?

I know what’s gonna happen in the end
I know, I’ve seen you do it time and time again
There are other people involved here, including little kids
But you don’t care, it’s always all about you isn’t it?

I know this is who you are and what you do
I know, there’s no point in trying to explain to you
Why I have to leave -  there’s nothing more to say…

These things always lead to pain
These things always lead to pain…


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