Tracey Roberts - Shades of Blue

The Quiet Room
Shades of Blue- track 8
music and lyrics: Tracey Roberts © 2011


When I woke this morning
There was no-one in my bed
I watched the fog descend - in the quiet room

I walked upstairs
There was stillness in the house
I sat down on the couch - in the quiet room

I went about my business, made myself some toast
Had a cup of coffee – sat staring at the walls
Curled up and watched a movie, a few hours passed slowly by …
The phone rang … and I realised…
That was the first time I’d heard my voice that day

I enjoy my solitude
But this loneliness felt threatening
The silence was deafening - in the quiet room

I wandered back downstairs
Climbed back into my bed
Stranger in my head - in the quiet room …
In the quiet room …

Come home…

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