After the Wave - track 2

music and lyrics: Lachlan Davidson ©


Hey, I have a message here for you
From someone feeling blue
The message says that she would like to spend some time with you
Oh but she doesn't sign her name
Perhaps she is afraid
To hear what you would say

So, the opportunity was there
I'm asking if you'd care
To find a little time within your life which you might share
And if you think that it's ok
You only have to say
And then you'll make her day

Don't answer now
Please think about it slowly
I'm sure she can wait awhile
She won't expect that you should jump at her request.
But I'm sure she would appreciate it if you said yes

Hey, I have this message here for you
I know it to be true
I hope you can appreciate what I'm trying to say to you
I'd like to think it's all you need
To see where this must lead
Read the message please ( the message is from me )

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