Tracey Roberts

Big Red Truck
Parallel Universe - track 4
music and lyrics: Tracey Roberts © 2006


I like my big red truck and bumpin’ round on Portman Road
Through the mud and muck, rockin’ in my big red truck
My little boy is laughing as we go
When I am drivin’ I’m as happy as can be
Nothin’ gets me down or gets me low
I look after it and it looks after me
In dust or sludge or sand or rocks or snow

I like my big red truck and cruisin’ down the open road
When I’m behind the wheel, don’t matter how I feel
I’ll bitch out loud and no-one needs to know
Some folk have trouble and get bogged inside a hole
That’s when I sometimes get the call
"Please can you help me – help me with my load?"
And I have to say it ain’t no trouble at all

I like my big red truck, I take it camping in the bush
And I don’t give a rats about the crap that’s in the back
If I get stuck then no-one needs to push
I just whack that gear stick into four wheel drive
And I get on my merry bumpy way
And if I get filthy and don’t wash myself for days
My big red truck never complains

I like my big red truck and driving slow on Toorak Road…
I love the looks I get from the bottle-blonde South Yarra set
Diamonds on their fingers and their toes
"Oh dear, that's the most disgraceful car I think I've ever seen
Look at all that dirt and rubbish and muck right up every door..."
But I just smile at them ‘cause I know where I’ve been
And I know what that extra stick is for...yes I do...


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